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Top quality feminized hemp seeds for sale from Bulkanna! We are industrial hemp seed suppliers for high CBD hemp cultivars such as Spectrum, Cherry Blossom, Remedy and Auto-Tsunami. These USA hybrid strains are bred to produce low-THC industrial hemp flowers with CBD concentrations suitable for efficient extraction. Contact us today to learn more about our current pricing on our available feminized seed stock for 2019. Our current Winter 2019-2020 Seed Guide is also available for download in PDF format below.

What Is Feminized Hemp Seed?

Feminized hemp seeds refer to seeds that have been produced from female hemp plants that have been forced or coaxed into producing male flowers utilizing a variety of different methods.

Since the hemp plants chosen for creating the seeds are female to begin with, forced male flowers on these plants will carry almost all X chromosomes and the seeds resulting from a self pollination will be female plants at around at 99% rate. 

These feminized seeds will carry a double XX chromosome instead of the standard XY split that results from traditional pollination from a male plant. 

Feminized Industrial Hemp Seeds
Feminized Industrial Hemp Seeds

How Is Hemp Seed Feminized?

Feminized hemp seeds can be produced in a number of ways: 

Most simply, female plants may be left to grow un-pollinated far beyond their natural harvest date, which will then cause many varieties of cannabis  to throw out male flowers in response to the stress. 

Essentially, as the plant reaches its maturity, and has still not been able to fulfill it’s mission to reproduce and create seeds, it then resorts to whatever measures it has to take to ensure its future generations through self pollination which can include producing its own male flowers. 

However not all strains of cannabis will produce male flowers predictably in this fashion, making this process of feminization less feasible on a commercial scale.

A more reliable and commonly used method of creating feminized seed is to apply a solution of gibberellic acid or colloidal silver to select female plants which in turn will also stimulate the production of male flowers. 

The pollen produced by these male flowers would in turn be considered feminized pollen and will carry almost 100% female chromosomes. Any female flowers subsequently pollinated with this pollen will produce nearly 100% female offspring utilizing this technique.


This feminization process must be carried out using carefully selected mother plants in order to reduce the prevalence of hermaphroditism in seeds created in this manner. 

Cannabis plants will naturally show hermaphroditic traits across various phenotypes, thus seeds produced from plants with hermaphroditic genetic traits beget more hermaphroditic offspring… instead of the desired 99% and above ratio of females plants obtained from proper feminization.

Mother plant selections from proven genetics are crucial for this reason in the creation of stable, predictable, feminized seed stock with a low prevalence of hermaphroditic expressions.   

High CBD Industrial Hemp Seeds

“High CBD” feminized hemp seeds are produced simply by selecting high CBD, low THC cultivars of industrial hemp and using one of the above processes in order to produce a feminized seed with the desired genetic profile.

Bulkanna CBD Hemp Seeds
CBD Industrial Hemp Seed from Bulkanna

Benefits Of Feminized Industrial Hemp Seeds

The overall benefit to using feminized industrial hemp seed over traditional mixed sex seed is that it reduces the cost of producing an all female crop while avoiding the often high alternative cost of relying upon female clones as starters. 

Seeds go from roughly a 50/50 male/female split with traditional seed stock, to an over 99% female output, reducing the number of males that must be culled from the crop in order to avoid pollination of the female plants in the room or field. 

High quality feminized hemp seed will yield less than 1% male plants.

Seedless Flowers Are Preferred For Extractions

Female unseeded cannabis flowers—known traditionally as sinsemillia in the marijuana world— are prized for extraction over flowers that have been allowed to go to seed due to the increases in the unpollinated plants resin and cannabinoid production. 

Most high CBD hemp genetics are being grown for CBD oil production in particular so in this case, pure female unseeded flowers are most desired for oil extractions. 

Feminized seed to this end, can aide a grower greatly in being more easily able to create a seed free crop for harvest and sale.

Stable Seed Stock Critical For Industrial Hemp Classification

Finally, it is critical that hemp seed is properly feminized in order to maintain the genetic stability and purity of the strains so that a proper end cannabinoid ratio may be obtained for full compliance under the 2014 & 2018 Farm Bills. All Bulkanna industrial hemp seeds are bred to produce hemp plants that reliably test at less than the legally required .3% THC. 

Certificates of cannabinoid analysis may be obtained for all of our 2019 high CBD industrial hemp seed genetics.

Feminized Hemp Seed Currently Available For Winter 2019/2020


Spectrum, a unique Cannatonic hybrid, is a solid yielder, sporting an extremely vigorous growth rate that contributes to her above average yields of around 1-2 pounds per plant at 6′ x 6′ plant spacing. Cannatonic was one of the first strains of cannabis bred specifically for high CBD production.

  • Genetics: Z7 x Cannatonic
  • Harvest Time: October
  • Potency: 16-20% CBD
Spectrum Hemp


The Remedy is a fantastic high-CBD strain for industrial crop planting.  Planting from 5’ beds, 4’ down the rows is ideal for high biomass production per acre. When planted in late Spring, Remedy plants can reach up to 6’ tall and 5’ in diameter. CBD: THC ratio: 20:1    28:1.

  • Genetics: Remedy x Kush Hemp (F1)
  • Harvest Time: Oct 7 – Oct 31st
  • Potency: 14% - 18% CBD
Remedy Hemp in field

Cherry Wine S1

Cherry Wine S1 is a large yielder with long dense sprawling buds. The aroma is comparable to sweet cherry/berries. 

  • Genetics: The Wife x Charlotte's Cherries
  • Harvest Time: End of September or beginning of October
  • Potency: 10-13% CBD
Cherry Wine S1 flower
Cherry Wine S1

Auto Tsunami

Auto Tsunami is a high-CBD auto flower hemp strain ideal for high biomass production per acre. Featuring very tight node spacing and expansive flowers of mild density with heavy trichome production. The aroma is reminiscent of classic strains such as Haze/Jack Herer/Trainwreck, with overtones of spice, sweet skunk, and pine. CBD: THC ratio: 24:1 – 32:1. Plant: 3.5’ tall, 2’ diameter, classic Christmas tree shape. Genetics feature both Harlequin and Tsunami, which were some of the very first modern high CBD cannabis hybrids created.

  • Genetics: MediGom 1.0 x HarleTsunami (F7)
  • Harvest Time: 75 – 80 days after germination
  • Potency: 10.0% - 12.0% CBD
Auto Tsunami Hemp field in sun
Auto Tsunami

Standard Hemp Seed Also Available

Cherry Bubble Gum

Cherry Bubble Gum is an excellent high CBD strain well suited to industrial crop planting. Exhibiting a pleasingly sweet terpene profile, this CBD rich hemp strain produces both tasty smokable flower and oil extractions.

  • Genetics: Bubblegum x Charlotte's Cherries
  • Harvest Time: Beginning of October
  • Potency: 10.0% - 23.0% CBD

Emerald Nova

Our Emerald Nova industrial hemp is a solid candidate for the triple cropping of smokeable flower, seed and fiber/hurd thus providing high value per acre at our lowest cost.

  • Harvest Time: End September, beginning of October
  • Potency: 5% - 6% CBD
Bulkanna 2019 Industrial Hemp Seed Guide

Industrial Hemp Seeds For Growing From BulKanna

The feminized CBD hemp seeds Bulkanna represent are provided with all the required documentation for purity, potency (COA’s), feminized rate tests, and proper licensing information for chain of custody and compliance. 

Estimated yield rates: 99% female and 90+% germination. 

50% Deposit, 50% on Delivery

Available Now!

Farm Bill Compliant

Our industrial hemp seed is 2018 Farm Bill compliant and sourced from select strains of USA grown, organically farmed, high CBD certified industrial hemp. All Bulkanna feminized hemp seeds for sale are bred to produce hemp plants that reliably test at less than the legally required .3% THC level for industrial hemp designation.

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