Wholesale CBD Hemp Cigarettes For Sale

All natural CBD hemp cigarettes for sale, available for bulk and wholesale B2B purchase from Bulkanna! Our CBD rich hemp flower cigarettes with your own hemp!  Or Bulkanna can help you find the finest domestic low-THC hemp flowers, grown in the USA in full compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. Contact us directly for more details on how to go about creating your own custom branded line of CBD cigarettes today.


Hemp Flower Cigarettes

Fast acting and smooth tasting, our natural pure hemp CBD cigarettes are both enjoyable and effective. Hemp cigarettes, or “smokes”, “tokes” or “hempettes” are quickly becoming a sought after alternative to Pre-rolls. However, the stigma of smoking a “joint” is too much for many consumers who prefer the more traditional and subtle “smoke” of a cigarette.

Perhaps the Most Familiar Method of Ingesting Cannabinoids

Smoking cannabis is a time honored method for consuming cannabinoids, with the first effects taking place in less than 10 seconds from inhalation.  The lungs transfers CBD into the bloodstream faster than any other delivery method (ingestion, topical, etc.) This makes titration quite easy for a consumer who can rapidly judge the effects of a given smoked quantity of flower.

Hemp Cigarettes with Hemp Paper
Bulkanna CBD Hemp Cigarettes
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Hemp Cigarettes Wholesale & Bulk Pricing

Bulkanna Hemp CBD cigarettes are available for B2B wholesale and bulk purchase. Contact us directly by clicking the button below for our most up to date hemp cigarette wholesale pricing, MOQ’s and product information.

Private & White Label Services Available

We contract manufacture, white label, and private label hemp cigarettes for our customers. BulKanna is a full-service hemp cigarette co-packer manufacturer. We make our hemp cigarettes in sunny Florida. As a hemp cigarette manufacturer, our line can produce 2,500 hemp cigarettes per minute, with extra capacity as needed! This means we can handle all private label hemp cigarette orders, including mass production. 

Bring us your personal hemp or have BulKanna help you find the perfect hemp with one of our partner farms. We will help you in every step of the way in producing your private label CBD cigarettes. Whether it be hemp sourcing, cigarette options, packaging options, and everything in-between, we’re here to help you make your brand a reality.     

In getting the manufacturing started, your hemp will be sent directly to the Florida warehouse. The hemp will be treated prior to manufacturing and infused with any optional terpenes for flavor. Once packing is printed, we will start your hemp cigarette manufacturing run. We will quickly package and ship the final product to your requested destination. 

Pack Quantity:
Carton Options:
Tipping Paper Options:
Paper Options:
Foil Options
Terpene Options:

Lead Time = 3 to 4 weeks after label and design approval

Private Label Hemp Cigarettes – FAQ

Do I need to be a hemp expert?
Nope! BulKanna is and we are here to assist.

Will the cigarette packs be my own design and logo?
Yes! The hemp cigarettes will be manufactured specifically for you.

What is the minimum order?
10,000 hemp cigarette packs.

Where do I get the hemp to send you?
One of two ways: 1) If you are a farmer, send us what you got! 2) BulKanna will help you locate some of the top hemp on the market with our associate partner farms.

How long will manufacturing take?
We are ready! The real question is how fast can you move. Manufacturing is quick, clients agreeing on design takes the longest, followed by package printing. Lead time 3-4 weeks after label and design approval.

What is the quality like?
Best on the market! There has been millions invested in the Florida warehouse in getting this process just right for our clients.

Do you provide the cigarette box and packaging material?
Yes, simple as that!

What the cost?
Great question. This will depend on volume. Give us a call to discuss your private label hemp cigarette needs.

What is the process to get started for private label hemp cigarettes?
Take a look above at the seven steps, then contact us!

Next Steps:

1) Sign NCNDA (emailed via E-Sign) 

2) Invoice sent. Once 50% deposit is received, 

3) You will receive die-lines for 20 packs and cartons. Return ASAP to go to print.

4) If needing help sourcing hemp, we will put you directly in touch with farmers. The farmer will send the hemp directly to us so we can have it ready to pack when your custom packaging arrives.

5) Once all hemp and packaging is in house, it can be ready to ship within 5 business days.

6) When ready to ship, we’ll coordinate shipping options and will send the final invoice.

6) When full amount plus shipping is received, tracking info will be supplied via email.

Farm Bill Compliant

Bulkanna CBD hemp cigarettes are 2018 Farm Bill compliant and sourced from USA grown, organically farmed, certified industrial hemp flower.