Spectrum hemp farm Oregon
Spectrum Hemp Flower Farm - Huntington, Oregon

Bulkanna Hemp Farms

Bulkanna is farming domestically in Oregon and internationally in South Africa in 2020-21. Our farms produce cannabinoid rich hemp biomass for CBD extraction, smokable hemp flower, feminized seed stock, and fiber crops for construction materials and textiles.

Hemp Farm Locations

Trevor Hill in Oregon Hemp farm
Bulkanna founder Trevor Hill

Pacific Roots

Bulkanna founder Trevor Hill was one of the first 9 hemp farmers originally licensed in Oregon and is currently in the field wrapping up his 6th season in 2019. Trevor has been deeply involved in all aspects of the CBD industry for many years now and has a wealth of experience from farming to extraction to brand development in the CBD retail space.

Consulting for Hemp Farmers Available

Trevor Hill has also worked as a consultant on numerous industrial hemp farming projects located in California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, and Oregon. Hemp can be a challenging crop to get right for those new to farming it, and Trevor has dealt with many of those challenges first hand over the last half decade.

As well, Trevor has a firm understanding of current and historical market pricing for hemp constituents and can offer insight into what types of crops and end markets new hemp farmers may want to focus on as competition among early hemp farms in the United States heats up.

Interested hemp farmers may reach out to Trevor via sales@bulkanna.com,  subject line “Farm Consulting”.

Huntington Oregon Hemp Farm - Spectrum Hemp Flower, Seed Production, Genetics

Spectrum Hemp Flower Close-Ups

Area 51 Arizona Hemp Farm - CBG Hemp Flower

Eloy Arizona Hemp Farm - Emerald Nova Winter Crop

Grand Junction Colorado Partner Farm - Feminized Hemp Seed, Genetics

Ontario Oregon Hemp Farm - Abacus Flower Close-Ups

Future Expansion

2020 will see Bulkanna expanding their current hemp farm acreage in South Africa as well as looking at adding additional hemp farms located in Puerto Rico and Columbia.