Every cannabis lover has seen it before: The label “top-shelf hemp flower.” While this sounds very appealing, what a lot of buyers may not know is that “top-shelf is actually an official designation that informs you of the quality of a specific strain. Most retailers, unfortunately, toss that term around all too easily today, creating confusion among buyers who are looking for the best hemp that their money can buy. “Top-shelf” is not necessarily a measurement of quality, and not all hemp strains may meet the parameters to qualify as “top-shelf.” Read on to learn more about what exactly makes a particular hemp flower “top-shelf. Bulkanna ship bulk hemp flowers all over the United States. If you’re looking for hemp flower for sale, call Bulkanna today!


Hemp Flower For Sale- What Is Top Shelf


To measure the quality of a specific hemp product you’re interested in, there are certain parameters to observe. You can determine whether or not it’s top-quality or not worth the cash by knowing where its qualities stand in reference to these criteria:


  • Potency- The extent of the effects that it brings says a lot about hemp. Hard-hitting effects that you can feel after just a toke or two let you know that your bud has higher levels of the cannabinoids. Lower quality  hemp won’t have the same complex, colorful CBD profile as a top-shelf sample, meaning that if you don’t feel the hit, it’s probably not high-quality. 
  • Flavor and aroma- Top-shelf hemp flower should boast an intricate, multi-dimensional taste and fragrance that makes you stick your nose into the jar. They usually have very strong scents and deliver powerful, wafting fragrances. They should also demonstrate the same flavors as its aromas, besides the typical smokiness and bitterness that comes from smoking hemp.

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  • Feel and aesthetic- You should know when you see top-shelf hemp, allowing you to choose it out of a line-up at a glance. Colorful, dynamic, saturated nuggets highlight the complexity of its trichome and terpene profile, ultimately letting you know the quality of the hemp overall. Basically, the brighter and more attractive a specific hemp flower, the better its quality should be. Top-shelf hemp should be sticky, leaving a mild layer of tacky trichomes on your fingers.
  • Cannabinoid content- Taking the time to read into the lab results is key. Retailers promising excellent hemp flower should have a lab test result with every strain, giving customers an idea of the cannabinoid profile of their products. The higher the CBD, the better the hemp should be all together. Any hemp that meets or exceeds the 20% CBD mark can be placed in the top-shelf category and is definitely worth any extra cost the retailer places on it!


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It’s important to understand what exactly constitutes top-shelf hemp flower, so that you are getting the bang for your buck and not being swindled by improperly defined labels. Bulkanna ships bulk hemp flowers all over the United States. Call Bulkanna if you’re looking for hemp flower for sale today!

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