Water Soluble cBD for sale

Bulk and wholesale water soluble CBD liquid and powder for sale from Bulkanna! Sourced from the finest domestic CBD rich hemp and available for B2B purchase, we also offer a full suite of Private and White label support services for our finished CBD products. Contact us today for more details and current pricing on our top quality water soluble CBD!

Full Spectrum Water Soluble CBD Oil

Our full spectrum Nano CBD is manufactured in a liquid form. In this format, a liposomal process breaks down the CBD oil into tiny nano sized particles, which are then coated with lipids and suspended into a nanoemulsion.

A principle benefit behind nano CBD is its increased efficiency when contrasted to other methods of oral ingestion. The large amount of surface area created by the size of the tiny nano sized particles leads to increased bio-availability and absorption rates in the body, with less loss due to digestive processes. 


  • CBD Beer
  • CBD Coffee
  • CBD Energy Drinks
  • CBD Shots
  • CBD Sublinguals
  • CBD Tea
  • CBD Water
  • Many More...

Our soluble CBD liquid is finely engineered, utilizing optimized composition and a unique process to manufacture. The average size of our hemp oil droplet is approximately 25 nanometers, compared with the 100-5000 nanometers that is usually obtained by using the industry standard liposomal delivery method.

Water Soluble CBD Powder

We also have high quality water soluble CBD isolate powder for sale. Offering simplicity and consistency in both dosing and formulating, the CBD oil is first coated with a powder that enables it to then become easily soluble in water. This process has the potential to revolutionize the way we take CBD.

Benefits of CBD Powder

A major benefit of water soluble powder is that CBD concentrations become a very precise measurement – meaning products contain more accurate amounts of CBD. The standard types of CBD extracts fall short in this regard and the value to the consumer is a more accurate serving size or dose.

Water soluble CBD powder
Water soluble CBD powder

Another benefit is that the body is more likely to absorb it in this state, which therefore increases its bioavailability and overall effectiveness. Less of the compound is needed in formulations to achieve similar results.

Available in 3 base formulations:

Bulkanna soluble CBD powder can be produced with the following pure CBD base extracts depending upon your specific needs and targeting:

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Water Soluble CBD Wholesale & Bulk

Bulkanna’s water soluble CBD is derived from organically grown industrial hemp farmed in the United States in full compliance with the provisions of the 2018 Farm Bill and is available for B2B bulk and wholesale purchase. Contact us today to discuss our current bulk and wholesale pricing.

Private & White Label Services Available

We contract manufacture, white label, and private label a variety of CBD products for our customers. Our packers and manufacturers have the following certifications:

  • cGMP Certified
  • FDA Registered
  • Halal Certified
  • Organic Certified

Contact us for more details on our various White and Private Label support services

Third Party Tested

Bulkanna CBD products undergo rigorous third party testing to ensure they are free from fungus, pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Batch COA’s are available upon request.

cGMP Certified, Food Safety Certified

All products are food safety certified and manufactured using cGMP guidelines (FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices). Independently verified using industry standard third party laboratories and credentialing organizations.

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